Learning Outcomes:

  • To equip the learner with the skills needed for being a global marketer
  • To familiarize the learners towards the real time marketing situations and circumstances
  • To channelize the global marketing traits to learners using sophisticated training tools
  • To impart regional market understanding of the marketing scenario
  • To equip the learner with the marketing skills needed for accessing the business wisdom
  • To familarise the learners towards the Standard Operating Procedures of the Marketing Inc.
  • To train the aspirants on the do’s & don’ts of marketing from multidimensional experience

  • Duration : (25 Hrs of Class room coaching, sufficient self-study).

    Assessment : Written evaluations.

    Certification : Certified General Marketer from UK.

    Course Broad Domain

    Module 1
    Fundamental concepts of Marketing
    Module 2
    Global Marketing Environment
    Module 3
    Marketing soft skill traits
    Module 4
    Marketing skill sets
    Module 5
    Marketing situations and simulations

    Specialised Skill Area

    Add-On 1
    Body Language Intensive
    Add-On 2
    Business Wisdom Workshop
    Add-On 3
    Client Instinct Evaluation
    Add-On 4
    Marketing Presentation Skills

    Add-On 5
    Power Dressing Styles
    Add-On 6
    Body Mind Synchronization
    Add-On 7
    Marketing Lifestyle Initiations
    Add-On 8
    Marketing Dictionary Expertise