About Us

Who we are

iaMp, International Association of Marketing Professionals is a global platform of marketers from UK formed to initiate Research & Development, build Teaching & Training tools, create Training materials, ensure Quality assurance in the marketing vertical. Also the platform will be the point of touch of the marketers and the marketing enthusiasts globally. MockMan AddOns Global Limited registered in England will be the official representative of this platform in the international market.


MockMan Add-Ons, A UK based training organisation focusing primarily on filling the gap on learner skills needed by the corporate and business. There are many focus areas by the organisation specifically mentoring students and professionals towards the right career with Add On certifications & trainings tailored out after wide research and development.


The certification of excellence by the organisation is the “CERTIFIED GENERAL MARKETER”, creating unique marketing professionals with an edge. The programme training procedure is attuned with the regional operating procedures so that the trainees can pursue the programmes attuned for the local market.